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What is N2Elite?

N2Elite  is a NFC toy emulator currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines,
including some special unreleased ones.

It comes preloaded with 10 demo figurines (5 unreleased) and has the capacity to store up to 200 of them.

Can plug and play:

- 1. DarkPit
- 2. Palutena
- 3. Ganondorf
- 4. Falco
- 5. R.O.B
- 6. Link
- 7. Mario
- 8. Pikachu
- 9. Yoshi
- 10. Donkeykong

How does it work:

With  our supplied Android app, you can transfer onto your N2Elite any Amiibo image
you possess. Wether it comes from your personal backup, from a friend or even if its an image downloaded on the internet.

The  image can be from a ‘blank’ (new, unplayed) figurine but also from a Amiibo
that  was  already  levelled up or with power-ups, making it a super effective cheat

What you need to do:

Simply place the N2Elite instead of the Amiibo on the console to load up the last used figurine.
You can switch to the next stored figure by  simply pushing and holding the N2elite ’s button prior to placing on console.

Storage banks order and range can all be configured with the help of our app.

With N2Elite and the help of some friends (or the internet) you can own ALL
existing Amiibo’s including the rarest ones, this way you can progress much much faster.

N2Elite is the ultimate Amiibo collection in the palm of your hand.

What more can you expect from N2Elite?

Scheduled to come from N2Elite are features such as, added compatibility, cheat system and new transfer/control methods & apps.